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The Excell Homes team worked diligently through the winter so we could be in our home for the summer season.
Mr. and Mrs. Shanoff


My wife and I decided to build our vacation home in Masthope in 2010. After meeting Dimitri, the owner of Excell Homes we were certain that we were making the right decision, and moved forward with the process. Dimitri made things quite easy by personally driving us through the development to choose the perfect property and style of the home we would be building. From here we were helped tremendously by Excell’s office manager Lisa with choosing all of the home’s accessories and upgrades. The final piece of the puzzle was actually building the home of which Bob Melvin, Excell’s general contractor, did such an unbelievable job. Bob saw us through every step of the building process, answered any question or concerns we might have had, and built an incredible home. We have been owners for a little more than a year now, and we could not be happier with our home, the development, and everything that Masthope has to offer. Rebecca and I just want to say thank you to Excell, and all its staff for making this an amazing experience for us.

All Our Best

Michael O'Connell

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